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Dance Along With


This 10 episode series is sure to have you jamming and dancing along with your favourite Nick Jr. friends! Our Dance Along crew bring it with insanely catchy original tracks, exciting dance routines and infectious energy that will absolutely get your youngest (and oldest) up off the soft furnishings and breaking a sweat!


Client: Nickelodeon

Creative Lead & Art Director: Erik Gerstenmaier

Line Producer: Tom McMillen

Production: Anne-Marie Johnson, Katie Henwood, Anoop Ghatore

Composer: Andrew Kingslow (Electric Pineapple)

Choreography: Katie Lowe

Director: James Barnes

Assistant Director: Vicky Edmonds

Camera Supervisor: Gareth Beeson

Floor Manager: Dave Allen

Set Design: Julian Healy

Set Build: Illusion

Lighting Director: Ross Williams

DIT: Anthony Bairstow

Stylist: Stacy Mirjah

Hair Stylist: Tuesday Thompson, Jayson McCrudden

Senior Editor: Erik Gerstenmaier

Grade: Glenn Carr

Graphics and PreVis: Mauro Rader

Audio Design and Mix: Dave Poole (Lobster Sound)

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